A busy fall

//A busy fall

A busy fall

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The Vice-Presidency, Research and Academics would like to thank all the students who attended the various presentations offered by our association this fall.

The conferences – Emerging Technologies and the Labor Market. ISACA as a partner – aimed to educate the rising generation on the major impacts and challenges that the pervasiveness of robotics and artificial intelligence will bring to their career, to better equip them for the future and to present all the benefits that ISACA can bring to this generation.

The success of the events could not have been so great without the collaboration of Mr. Raul Valverde from Concordia University, the warm welcome of our hosts Mr. Zyad Benameur from HEC, Mrs. Reem Ayouby and Mr. Nicolangelo Piccirilli from Concordia University and the participation of our speakers Bruno Vignola, Christian Kengne and Diego Rodriguez Garcia.

We also take this opportunity to wish all the student community and all our members happy holidays and a prosperous 2019.