Implementation of a good identity governance program

18 mai 2017 11:30 – 13:00
Lieu: Novotel - Centre-ville Montréal - Salle Paris, Rue de la Montagne 1180, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Catégorie: Conferences

A good identity governance programs starts by identifying the different types or communities of identities that need access to corporate assets and information. It also involves standard risk management in terms of an inventory of all different types of assets and information that those identities need access to, and the value they represent for the business. Then a balance must be achieved between convenience of access to those resources for these users, and security objective including need to know and need to access. While controls will help support a good governance program, these should not interfere with business objectives and productivity. Intelligent, learning security controls, should be able to enforce strict and cumbersome controls only when the context requires it. For example, if John is connecting to the financial application every Monday morning at 8:30am from his corporate desktop, is multifactor authentication really required? Or do we want to enforce MFA only if John tries to access the financial application from a new location at an unusual time? In this session, we will explore more examples of an effective identity assurance program..

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