News from the chapter

//News from the chapter

News from the chapter

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Activities November 2018, Vice-presidency, research and academic

In November, the Vice-Presidency Research and Academic vice-presidency gives various presentations and conferences within the Montréal university community on the theme of Emerging Technologies, Challenges and Employment Opportunities for Students. ISACA will act as a partner.

Follow us on Facebook for the progress of the planned activities.

ISACA accreditation, BTM program, Concordia University

We are pleased to announce that ISACA International’s accreditation of Concordia University’s BComm major in Business Technology Management and minor in Information Systems Audit and Risk Management.program has been extended.

This allows graduates of this program who wish to do so to benefit from the equivalent of one year of professional experience in order to obtain CISA certification and we hope that this will contribute even more to the influence of our profession.