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We welcome displaying job offers on our web site. The offers :

  • Must be bilingual or separate French and English versions (If the description is not available in both languages, the title only is accepted.)
  • Must contain the logo of the company (140pixels X 100pixels)
  • May have 1-2 pages of standard letter size
  • Should be relevant in respect of the audit profession and the security of information systems, including control and governance
  • May be submitted in Word or PDF ( Word document preferred)

Please include any information that would be required by your company for billing purposes. (Mailing address, contact person, reference number, etc.)

Send it all to

An invoice is sent via Paypal services by email. It is payable by credit card online or by cheque. The invoice can be printed or downloaded in PDF format.

For the price of 350.00$CAD + taxes, you get:

  • displays of the job offer on our website for one month (30 days) in the “Job offers” section. 1 page, any additional page will be charged at 50.00$CAD .
  • displays of the job offer on our website homepage (duration may vary)
  • an email to members advising them of the new job offer.

Note : ISACA-Montreal reserves the right to decide the relevance of the information to be displayed on the site.

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