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Definition of « Think Tank »

a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific problems

Source: Oxford Dictionary

Similar terms

  • Brain trust
  • Advisory board / experts
  • Circle of experts


  • The group’s goal is to think about a problem or a complex situation (related areas of ISACA) and analyze the strategy to find the best solution.
  • Respect ISACA’s code of conduct (version française – PDF)
  • Exchange within a framework of trust to discuss ideas and test new approaches
  • Diffuse reflections members

Alignment with ISACA-Montreal

  • Groups and its members are identified on the website
  • They are not officials
  • They shall not communicate directly with members
  • In case of deadlock, a request may be made to the Board
  • A maximum of 20 CPE can be awarded for participation in accordance with the rules of ISACA International. ISACA-Montreal reserves the right to examine the issue of CPE regarding participation and evidence submitted. CPEs are awarded once a year only.

Operating Mode

  • Each group is independent and self-sufficient.
  • Groups are created according to interests
  • Initial selection of members of the group made ​​by the spokesman for the group
  • The following documents must be provided to obtain the CPE
    • Agenda
    • Attendance list
    • Minutes of meeting
  • Publish annually

Roles and Responsibilities

  • A group contains a maximum of eight (8) participants.
  • Spokesperson
  • (1) Scribe
  • Membres
    • Management meetings including logistics
    • Reports on attendance and progress in CA
    • Validation within their sector to adequately represent and make recommendations on the problem


Number of meetings

A minimum of four (4) meetings is required (quaterly). Each additional meeting is at the discretion of the group. The first meeting is, among other things, determine the following:

  • who will be the spokesperson for the group
  • determine the timing of meetings
  • what is the mission, vision and purpose of the group
  • what is the working method

Financial Resources

  • ISACA Montréal events held annually for the dissemination of the work.
  • Groups may meet at the place of their choice. All costs are the responsibility of the group members.

Submit an idea

  • Contact us at and describe the subject you wish to study.
  • If you know the names of people who participate in your group, you can also submit at this time.
  • The Board of Directors of ISACA-Montreal reserves the right to accept or reject an idea

For any questions, contact