Update : 2019 New CISA Job Practice

//Update : 2019 New CISA Job Practice

Update : 2019 New CISA Job Practice

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What are the major changes between the current CISA Job Practice and the 2019 CISA Job Practice?

A CISA job practice analysis has been completed, resulting in a new CISA job practice for 2019. As the job practice reflects the evolving responsibilities of IT auditors, it serves as the basis for the exam and the requirements to earn the certification.  They will be effective for the exam beginning in June 2019.

While the five CISA domains will remain similar, there a few noteworthy changes:

  • The 2019 job practice, or exam content outline, introduces subdomains to better organize task and knowledge statements within the broader domains. 
  • Knowledge statements are rewritten to represent current technology and combined as appropriate to remove redundancies.
  • Of the 39 task statements in the 2019 CISA Job Practice:
    • 35 were carried forward from the current outline but rewritten to use current terminology
    • One was eliminated, as The CISA Working Group determined that the task was not in scope for most IT auditors and removed it from the 2019 CISA Job Practice:
      • Conduct reviews to determine whether a project is progressing in accordance with project plans.
    • 5 are new to the content outline to address emerging changes within the IT audit profession
      • Perform technical security testing to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.
      • Utilize data analytics tools to streamline audit processes.
      • Provide consulting services and guidance to the organization in order to improve the quality and control of information systems.
      • Identify opportunities for process improvement in the organization’s IT policies and practices.
      • Evaluate potential opportunities and threats associated with emerging technologies, regulations, and industry practices.
  • These changes to the CISA Job Practice, or exam content outline, enhance the preparation experience of exam candidates by including knowledge areas that directly indicate the content of the CISA exam and tasks to identify context for how the knowledge is used in practice.

If you are currently preparing to take the CISA exam using past study materials, we encourage you to take the exam before 24 May 2019